I have a deep passion for photography. I could bore you with the standard about me stuff; (Yes, I majored in photography. Yes, I worked in a number of studios throughout the Chicago area before putting out my own shingle.) but that is not what makes me your photographer. My goal as your photographer is two fold.

Produce artwork you love, and have fun doing it!

I believe that the entire process of having portraits taken should be enjoyable. We are producing artwork that preserves the moments of life that are over in the blink of an eye. Whether we are working to suspend your child’s tiny toes in time, or cement in time the beauty of a family tree that has grown because two people fell in love Fifty years ago; you need to come away with a piece of art that preserves and contributes to a legacy.

Legacy is important! I was born, and raised in Lake Forest, IL; and still live there only a few blocks from the house my Great Great Grandparents raised their family in, and I have the pictures to prove it! I am forever grateful that somebody took the time to print that legacy so that my daughter can have such a tangible connection her family.

In today’s world we have the ability to print our legacy in so may ways. We can put it on large canvases, in albums, on metal, wood, and pretty much any surface we can think up. Unfortunately many people’s pictures end up in a drawer saved to a piece of outdated technology. I do not want that for you. Let me help you print your legacy in a way that will stand the test of time!

About Caitlin